Jean and Tootles the Trike with EcoSpeed mid-drive.Meet Jean from Portland, Oregon and her Sun X-3 AX delta trike she calls Tootles.  She purchased here EcoSpeed system and trike in 2009 and calls it “the most amazing addition to my life”.

Jean added, “I had long given up on ever riding a bike again and today, because of the assist, I ride almost daily. I use my trike for everything.”

The EcoSpeed assist allows Jean to use her trike as her main form of transportation. “Shopping for groceries? No worries.” she says, “I can carry three large bags of groceries in my basket with ease. I can also carry 50 lbs of chicken feed home from the local nursery as well, without a moment’s hesitation. There isn’t any place in town I can’t get to on my bike from the Clackamas Town Mall, to Janzen Beach and even Vancouver, Washington across the river. I know without a doubt that I can easily travel 20 miles and never have to worry about getting home.”

As the artisan owner of Mama Jean’s Kind Threads, Jean does her fabric purchasing and postal deliveries by bike.

Jean smiles, “I ride Tootles even if I have to go to the airport for an express delivery. I think more than anything else, I love to say that I am a bike rider and truly mean it. Not just for a fun ride on Saturday but for everyday, for living a richer and happier life. The EcoSpeed assist has made a middle age woman’s dream come true every day, one ride at a time.”

If you would like a trike similar to Jean’s delta trike you may be interested in an EcoSpeed system with a delta trike (2 wheels in the back and 1 in the front).  We can fit many trikes with our mid-drive of you can purchase a trike with an EcoSpeed motor already installed in the factory.