We have been working behind the scenes since Spring of 2012 to create an online presence that matches the quality design of our systems.

We wanted to make our site accessible and fun for people new to electric bikes but still have lots of the resources from our previous site.

We’ve added lots of new stuff:

  • New customer interviews.
  • More interactive slide shows for each category of ride we fit. [Click on the new buttons on the homepage.]
  • An interactive dealer map to quickly find a local test ride.
  • An online store for ease of purchasing accessories and kits directly from us if you know what you want and a dealer isn’t nearby.
  • And you’ve probably noticed we updated our logo to represent more than our recumbent past and to include all of our mid-drive customers.

ecospeed_long_ logo

If you are having a hard time finding something from the old site you can check out the sitemap to see if it is in a new location.

Enjoy the new site and please let us know if you find an error, encounter something confusing, or if you have a suggestion for a page you’d like to see!

We look forward to bringing you lots of great new content as we stay on the cutting edge of electric vehicle technology!