Jesse Swing Plans Trip to South America on Solar Powered, All-Terrain Electric Fat Bike!

Jesse Swing, the owner of Solar Sprouts, describes why he chose EcoSpeed as his electric motor system for his Surly Moonlander fat bike.  Jesse is one of EcoSpeed's newest dealer and currently operates his solar installation and sustainability business in Bend, Oregon.  He is available for test rides for those who want to see what [...]

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Sylvia Tours Across the USA with EcoSpeed

One of our customers, Sylvia Halpern shares her story of touring with a custom EcoSpeed system and tadpole trike she calls Moto Myrtle. Sylvia Halpern originally thought she would do a four day trike ride... After four days she was having so much fun she decided to just keep on going...and going...and going. At some [...]

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Dentist Matt Hicks Goes Car “Lite” with EcoSpeed Electric Bike.

Matt Hicks, a dentist and electric bike commuter, went by bike before he had an EcoSpeed. Now, with his EcoSpeed, he still stays fit, rides further, doesn't hesitate to get groceries, and hauls his kids in the trailer. It means that he hardly ever drives the car in town.   If you've been pondering going [...]

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Clay Commutes to Clients with EcoSpeed

Meet Clay, a home educator who works with autistic children and their families.  He's playful, optimistic, and open to trying new ways of getting around.  Clay decided to switch from commuting by car to using mass transit and his new EcoSpeed co-powered bike.  He knew he wasn't in the  shape he needed to be to [...]

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Mama Jean and Tootles the Trike

Meet Jean from Portland, Oregon and her Sun X-3 AX delta trike she calls Tootles.  She purchased here EcoSpeed system and trike in 2009 and calls it “the most amazing addition to my life”. Jean added, “I had long given up on ever riding a bike again and today, because of the assist, I ride [...]

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Got a “big hill” in your commute? Julia did too!

Many of our customers find EcoSpeed because they love riding and would ride more....if only it wasn't for that darn hill. Julia, a nurse, had a daily commute up "Pill Hill" in Southwest Portland to get to Oregon Health Sciences University.  She wanted a high quality electric bike that not only gave her a boost [...]

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