New Kid on the Block

As I am the newest member of the EcoSpeed team, I wanted to share with you how things are going here. I joined EcoSpeed in late summer when the Kickstarter was just a dream. As a rider for the past 6 years, I was as excited as you when I realized how many people where [...]

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Announcing the EcoSpeed Fatback – an electric fatbike with mid-drive power

EcoSpeed Inc, (Portland,OR) industry leader in the manufacture of electric motor assists for bikes and trikes announces collaboration with Fatback Bikes (Anchorage, AK) for a 'Made in the USA' mid-drive electric fatbike. Article below... EcoSpeed/Fatback Electric Fat Bike Announced by

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Cargo Bike: CarGoAway – Utility Horse an EcoSpeed Collaboration with Ti-Cycles

It has been great collaborating with Ti-Cycles on their innovative boxbike/longtail cargo bike! Two local companies create electric assist cargo bike, Portland Tribune, July 12, 2013 Here are a few extra photos from our collaborative project with Ti-Cycles, a Portland bike builder, introducing the aptly named CarGoAway - Utility Horse.           [...]

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Portable Solar Charging Solution is Here!

Over the years one of the most common questions I've heard is, "Do you sell a solar panel that can charge my ebike while I ride?"  We can finally say, yes! Our 240 watt pack charges the all-terrain Surly Moonlander with EcoSpeed system. This 240 watt system can fully charge our 48v, 12ah battery [...]

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EcoSpeed, B-line Deal Helps Bikers Haul Heftier Cargo – Commercial Delivery

A few weeks ago we announced we were  collaborating with B-line Urban Delivery  to test our system for commercial use here in Portland.  We got a couple of great articles in the press which we thought we'd share here. Here is an article from Sustainable Business Oregon EcoSpeed, B-line Deal Helps Bikers Haul Heftier Cargo  [...]

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EcoSpeed Has a New Website. Check Out The New Content.

We have been working behind the scenes since Spring of 2012 to create an online presence that matches the quality design of our systems. We wanted to make our site accessible and fun for people new to electric bikes but still have lots of the resources from our previous site. We've added lots of new [...]

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EcoSpeed Controller Programmed for More Power, with Smoother, Quieter Operation, using Sine Modulation. [From The Shop]

After nearly two years of work, programming and testing we have completed sine modulation programming for our controller. The result is a smoother, quieter motor response. The AC drive eliminates the high frequency harmonics of a DC drive resulting in a motor that is much quieter than anything we've done before.  Also, we can now [...]

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Is this the Coolest Bike Ever Made?, Bicycling Magazine, October 2011 Issue

Get to know some key players in today's US cargo bike industry in this article in the October 2011 issue of Bicycling magazine. Bicycling writer Tom Clynes describes EcoSpeed's system on a Catrike (photo below) as "impressively torquey" (pg. 5). You can also see photos of our system on the Bullitt box bike and trailer [...]

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Interview with EcoSpeed founder, Brent Bolton on Coast Community Radio

Listen to Brent Bolton, EcoSpeed founder, describe why he started EcoSpeed and what our technology can do at a personal level and community level. (Audio File) Interview with EcoSpeed founder, Brent Bolton on Coast Community Radio. 8/31/2011  

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Interview with Pierce Hoover who rode an EcoSpeed powered Microcar across the United States on less energy than a 100 Watt light bulb uses. Coast Community Radio

You can listen to EcoSpeed customer Pierce Hoover detail his experiences riding across the country with an EcoSpeed co-powered tandem Microcar.  (Audio file) Interview with Pierce Hoover who rode an EcoSpeed powered Microcar across the United States on less energy than a 100 Watt light bulb uses. On Coast Community Radio, 8/24/2011.

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