Imagine a world where people smile as they pass one another, most pedaling their bicycles or walking.  Our technology provides healthy, fast, easy, capable, eco-friendly transportation. We’ll electrify your ride. 

Are you ready to imagine with us?

 Transform quality bikes and trikes into pedal-electric hybrid vehicles that make riding fun, even up the long, steep hills.

An Electric Assist system added to your commuter bike will allow you double your riding range, or dramatically cut your commute time (and, yes, you can still get all the exercise you want!).

Many of our customer’s talk about their love for riding and yet confess that they don’t ride as much as they like because of “this big hill”.  They discover that their  Bafang system effectively makes this hill disappear and keeps riding fun.

Electrify YOUR ride. 

Everday Riding.   Electric assist kits are designed to fit the bike you love already or the one you are dreaming about.  Our systems fit most upright off-road and commuter bikes and tadpole trikes.  These kits are our most popular, best selling systems.

Cargo Hauling. Mid Drive Systems have a reputation for power.  Our standard systems fit many cargo bikes including pedicabs, commercial haulers,and longtail bikes with the kids on the back. We can even customize a unique system to fit many long john style box bikes with the precious cargo riding in the middle.

Special Projects:  We are also known in the smaller but growing arena of  recumbent bikes and  delta trikes, and we even make systems that fit the fully enclosed trikes called velomobiles.  Our custom shop is open for special projects from industry manufacturers and dedicated enthusiasts alike.  Bikes, and especially trikes, designed for riders with special needs(adaptive cycling)  often fit perfectly with Mid Drive after market systems because the system is powerful enough to boost your vehicle up a hill without a strong rider’s help.

Benefits of Electric Assist are many.

  • The Mid-Drive motor system stays light weight yet powerful by leveraging your gears, just like a transmission in a car.
  • Climb hills with ease and speed. With an electric assist, you can cruise up very steep hills at about 12-15 mph and maintain 20+mph on rolling hills, based on our testing.   You can still pedal hard if you want, you just go twice as fast as you did before.
  •  Double or triple your riding range.  Our standard 48 volt, 12 amp-hour lithium tri-metal battery provides about 35 miles of assist and even more if used only to accelerate or climb hills.  This amazing battery is an extremely light-weight, energy dense, rechargeable battery that can be charged over 1000 times.  That’s ebike commuting 25-35 miles every weekday for 4 years on a single battery.
  • Haul kids and cargo without strain The same Mid-Drive that our everyday customers buy took a father and son team on a  tandem across the country in 2011, and co-powers commercial delivery cargo trikes and pedicabs.

Not sure what you want?  Give us a call at 503-806-1745. We pride ourselves in customer service.   We answer your questions, help you through the process, and celebrate with you as you enjoy your new ride!