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Imagine new partnerships with bike builders, manufacturers, and those that dream new rides into existence…

Each fall and winter as we catch our breath from the big cycling season we dive into our custom projects.

From special installations on rare recumbents or creating a brand new kit design fit for a folding bike distributor, we have the expertise, component parts, and connections to bring your custom project together into something new and elegant.

The above images are just a few of our projects.  We’d be happy to do an initial consultation with you and your drawings or images, estimate what it will take, and schedule the project.  Just give us a call 503-806-1745 or email.

Adaptive Cycling

The Mid Drive system drives the chain and uses the gears for leverage and is known as the best electric assist on Earth.  It is usually powered by a single throttle, “power-on-demand” so that with a twist or a little pressure from your thumb you have the assist to climb a hill or go on a long ride with your family and friends.   We can add options like pedal-actuated assist, custom speed limits, and specialized brakes and pedals.

Often our most inspiring customers are those who are courageously rebuilding after a tragic accident or fighting hard to grow or maintain strength in the face of illness or disease.  When others might decide to shelve their passion for cycling our customers demonstrate what is possible, and that really motivates us.

We can tailor your new ride with a system to your own special situation, whether it is mounting all the controls on one side, in the case of a stroke recovery, or building a custom system that helps you strengthen your muscles without getting stuck on a hill.

We work with many adaptive cycling builds to include accessories on your ride that keep you safe and comfortable while you’re riding strong.

So please contact us by phone 503-803-1745 or email or schedule a visit to discuss your project plans or special needs.