[“Delta Trikes”]

Imagine an electric assist system for your trike or a complete electric trike that climbed hills with real power and integrated perfectly with your trike.

Nomad Cycles has been doing custom installations for delta trikes, with their two wheels in the back and one in the front, since 2002.  We have made a number of mid-drives that fit specific delta trikes and our customers love them and still ride them years later.

Bafang Mid-Drive fits delta various delta trikes.  Here are some options:

  • Some trikes such as the Sun EZ-Tri Classic, or the Hase Lepus fit perfectly with our Bafang Mid Drive System or system, which we designed for the tadpole trike.  Both of these delta trikes are great options for different budgets and would fit nicely with our standard kit.
  • Custom work is always an option for delta trikes.  Let us know because we might have installation experience, special parts, or custom clamps that can help fit your specific trike.  We do custom trike installations in our shop.