Imagine riding as a family, or hauling groceries, or both…with ease.

A Bafang Mid-Drive electric assist is designed to be powerful enough to boost a fully loaded longtail cargo bike, with an extended frame, for carrying other humans or cargo behind the seat.

  • Extend the range of your favorite longtail bike and take any feeling of chore out of your uphill climbs with a Bafang Mid-Drive.
  • An Bafang system turns a longtail cargo bike into an even more useful car-alternative, and you can still get as much exercise as you want.
  • EcoSpeed systems fit with most longtail bikes we know, like the Yuba Mundo, the Surly Big Dummy, and many others.  Our system replaces the crankset and bottom bracket and mounts around the bottom bracket shell  and rotates to fit just under the down tube.   See our Mid-Drive: page for pricing and details on our standard system for longtail bike applications.

We rarely see a longtail bike we cannot fit with our current kits, but if we do, we can always create something special for you.