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Imagine taking your business to the next level. 

Haul goods. Extend your range.  Get there by e-bike or e-trike.

  • Take advantage of our mid-drive system, shift down, and haul up to 1000 pounds of total vehicle weight up a 5% hill.  One of our customers rode a 675 pound vehicle across the USA including 10% grades up and over the Rocky Mountains.


Make a bold statement that your business is taking part in a sustainable future.

  • We partner with delivery businesses, such as B-line Delivery in Portland, Oregon, to help them expand to hilly areas and extend their delivery range.  Our standard systems are being requested by commercial haulers and pedicab companies locally and internationally because our mid-drive design, with the motor driving the chain ahead of the gearing, has lots of extra power.
  •  Our system fits with standard Mainstreet Pedicabs and many other pedicab models that have a standard diamond frame design. Our system replaces the crankset and bottom bracket and mounts around the bottom bracket shell and rotates to fit just under the down tube.   See our Mid-Drive: page for pricing and details on our standard system for pedicabs and commercial trike applications.
  • We have also partnered with companies that are doing even heavier hauling and helped them create custom pedal-electric solutions like the Truck Trike (by Stites Design) in our shop.