Imagine cruising to work to work in a pedal-electric vehicle that beats traffic, requires no gas, parks anywhere a bike does, and is fully enclosed so you don’t even need rain gear

New fully enclosed trikes, called velomobiles are making their way onto the streets and bike paths around us.  Co-powered with an EcoSpeed these streamline, aerodynamic vehicles can easy climb hills even with the weight of the vehicle, rider, and luggage.  Velomobile enthusiasts from around the world have been asking us to create systems that fit their vehicles for years.  We have formed some partnerships with velomobile manufacturers and distributors and have some excellent options to offer.

The Tripod  

The Tripod was designed from the ground up here in Portland, Oregon as a commuter vehicle by Columbia Cycleworks.  It features a complete set of built-in headlights, taillights, and brake lights.  It is designed for comfortable commuting and is easy to get in and out of with a lockable hinged top hatch.  It is fully suspended and is designed to carry panniers outside the vehicle where they are easy to access.  A built-in battery compartment, keyed ignition switch, and easy connect charge port clearly communicates its compatibility with electric assist.  Our Boom Mount system with triple freewheeling crankset is fully compatible with this velomobile and can be installed as part of your order here in Portland.

The Challenger

EcoSpeed Challenger Velomobile (2)The Challenger is designed by Ocean Cycle in the UK to be delivered complete to your specifications or retro-fitted to ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) Trice Q, Trice QNT and Sprint Trikes.  It features a large, hinged main hatch for getting in and out and a hand operated windshield wiper.  It is compatible with our Boom Mount system with triple freewheeling crankset and we would recommend our dealer Angletech in Colorado do the installation for you, if you would like installation assistance.

Convert Your Trike with a Velocity Velos Kit

Velocity Velos, in Cottage Grove, Oregon manufactures a number of velomobile kits with a full velomobile kit that fits most tadpole trikes and a partial shell kit as well.  The EcoSpeed system helped two Velocity Velos and their pilots cross the USA in the summer of 2011 for the ROAM tour (Roll Over America). For details on the system they used to get up and over the Rockies check out our Boom Mount page for details and pricing.  We also have videos of them as the launch their ride.

The Quest

We partner with Rainshadow Velo in Washington state, the US distributor for the Dutch made.   The quest velomobile is one of the fastest, most aerodynamic velomobiles we know of and this translates into often double the range you would expect from our standard battery system.   Our kit was especially designed for the Quest and its square boom. We actually weld our assist system to the Quest bottom bracket and it slides on the adjustable bracket directly above the freewheeling crankset for a fully adjustable leg length.  For details and pricing see our Quest Velomobile Kit.