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Ebike Solar Charging System -120 Watts


120 watt Portable Solar Charging System.  Enjoy the freedom to ride anywhere…under the sun!

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Product Description

Nomad Cycles now has access to a fantastic portable solar charging ebike solution.  A 120 watt portable and foldable solar panel that will power your most prized possessions directly from the sun!

These panels are made with the world’s highest efficiency Sunpower Maxeon Gen 3 solar cells purchased here in the United States and provide an energy conversion rate of an amazing 24.2%!

These panels are meticulously hand sewn into heavy duty waterproof Nylon for a robust, yet light weight folding design.  They come with a 12V solar charge converter to charge your favorite 12 volt products directly from the sun! It can be used to charge 12V batteries, or cell phones, Laptops, or anything else that can run on 12V DC power.

Ride all morning and get extra range while you picnic in the sun.

The product includes folding solar panel, 12 volt converter, and the appropriate battery charging converter.

16″ x 22″ x 1.5″ Folded

62″ x 22″ x .18″ Unfolded


Additional Information

Weight 74,14 lbs


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