Meet the Team of  Nomad Cycles

Brad Davis

Brad Davis, Owner of Nomad Cycles


Brad started working for EcoSpeed in 2007 on a volunteer basis after a chance sighting of an EcoSpeed kit. He had fallen in love with the machine and all the social, environmental, and physical implications that electric bikes offer the world. He joined the team and has since graduated with a bachelors degree in Human Studies and a certificate in Business Management from Marylhurst University.

Brad worked for EcoSpeed from the ground up and has gone from summer volunteer to General Manager to now owning the EcoSpeed brand for his new Bike Shop Nomad Cycles.  He wants to help people experience the same joy of riding electric bikes that he experiences with his, and he is dedicated to providing this opportunity to everyone. He believes in hand on and when you work with us he will be your personal contact as you start your journey to ride an electric bike.




Jean Abbott

Jean and her Delta Trike named "Tootles"

Jean and her Delta Trike named “Tootles”

Jean became an EcoSpeed rider in 2009, and joined the team in May of 2014. An enthusiastic convert,  Jean is excited about the benefits of electric cycling and wishes to share them with the world. She has a background in event planning and teaching, and currently runs her own successful craft business, Mama Jean’s Kind Threads. Jean uses her bike as her company car for her business, from picking up supplies and doing runs to the post office and deliveries to galleries. Today, she is Nomad Cycles Marketing Promotions Manager.

Brent Bolton 

Brent Bolton with his customized BikeE FX with EcoSpeed drive, which is great for trail riding.

Brent Bolton, an electrical engineer with a degree from Rice University, is the creator of the EcoSpeed mid drive system and the Velociraptor. Brent worked in hardware engineering and Multimedia before starting the company, and was associated with Intel for 15 years.

Brent spends most days and some nights on product design and engineering, always focused on the next big development for our mid-drive systems. With more than a decade of developing these systems, Brent has created well performing options where none had previously existed. With a belief in making the best, Brent’s inventiveness has lead to the development of our high quality and eco friendly transportation choices…. choices that we believe will make our world a better place.