At Nomad Cycles we work hard to keep the reputation as the “best electric assist on earth” in our EcoSpeed Model and continue to innovate new products for our customers.

This requires an attention to detail, attentiveness to our customers’ needs and desires, and relentless testing of each new product or component.

From concept drawings, to water-jet cut prototype parts, to extreme condition testing, and a dedication to clear communication with our customers, we can provide electric motor systems that are light, powerful, and adapted to fit your favorite ride.

When our customers purchase an EcoSpeed system they are supporting a complete network of local manufacturers.

We use the highest quality materials and components that we can find, sourcing locally first.  We design these systems, we build them, we sell them, we service them, and at the end of the day, we ride ‘em home.

As we grow, our systems have been refined to fit a wider variety of bikes and trikes.  If you have an unusual project, let us know.  We enjoy doing custom work to help you electrify your favorite ride.  We usually schedule custom projects for our fall and winter seasons, but please inquire anytime.