EcoSpeed Videos

EcoSpeed Video -Product demos and hear from our customers.

EcoSpeed System Specifications

EcoSpeed System Details

Mid-Drive Details
Electric assist mid-drive tech.  & geared drive vs. hub drive explained

What About Regenerative Braking?
An article by EcoSpeed Founder Brent Bolton

EcoSpeed Motors and Motor Basics
A few more details about our motors.

Power and Efficiency
Definitions and discussion of both as they relate to EcoSpeed motors.

Battery Details
A discussion of ebike batteries, range, and chemistry.

Velociraptor™ Intelligent Motor Controller, the Back Story
The how and why of our motor controller.


Customer Documents

EcoSpeed Owner’s Manual 3.0

EcoSpeed Customer Purchase Agreement
Information about Warranty, Return, and Refund Policies.

Installation Manuals

Bicycle & Repair Information

Recumbent Bicycle
An introduction to recumbent bikes, types, terms, and advantages and disadvantages from wikipedia.

Sheldon Brown’s Bicycle Glossary
Get to know your bike from A-Z.

Park Tool’s Repair Help and Education Page
Bike repair instructions and tool information.

Portland Biking Resources
Local Portland bike news, bike industry job posts, and informative bike culture hub.
Shift2Bikes maintains a Portland bike events calendar and coordinates Pedalpalooza, biking festival extraordinaire every June.

Electric Bike Blogs and Forums

Electric Bike Report
Reviews and news on electric bikes!

Electric Bike Building
A few electric articles and reviews including an EcoSpeed installation on a BikeE.

Electric Vehicle Technology Forums